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No need to worry, we’ve got you. We are a Kenyan Law Firm that prides itself in working innovatively with the client to provide premium legal services affordably.

We will not ask you to pay fees to ‘open a file’.

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Retainer on HR Issues

Did you Know?

The Employment Act requires that Companies should have Policies on Sexual Harassment, Non-Discrimination, Covid19 Prevention, Health & Safety? These policies should be accessible to all employees, and both the Employee and the Company have a duty to comply with them.

We Support and Advice HR on:

  1. Employment Law matters in the company which include:
    • Drafting and Review of HR contracts
    • Drafting Employment Policies
    • Ensuring Legal Compliance in HR practices (Hiring, salaries, termination.)
We Protect you through Contracts

We handle your contracts to ensure that you are not exposed to legal risks in the future. Our services here include drafting and reviewing of contracts, negotiation and execution.

“We are here to ensure that you have a beautiful day. We handle the Legal stuff, you live the life!”